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image credit:  backofthenapkin (flickr.com)

image credit: backofthenapkin (flickr.com)

The focus of futur3techblog will be on technological advancements that have the potential to bring about dramatic changes for our world.  Technology is itself neither good, nor bad.  Rather, our intentions determine whether a technology will have a positive or a negative impact.  Sometimes we travel down the path of “progress” without intending harm, but produce it nonetheless.  Despite this, it is with a hopeful and optimistic outlook that we should view our rapidly changing world.  On the whole, science and technology hold great promise in helping us to solve many of the problems we have created for ourselves in recent times.

This list will give you an idea of some of the topics you will see covered here:

  • Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity
  • robots, drones, nanotechnology
  • Medical advances that will dramatically increase human longevity and eliminate many diseases
  • virtual reality, augmeted reality
  • the Internet of Things, 3D printing
  • the surveillance society and its implications
  • scenarios for a “post scarcity” economy, and the automation of work
  • technological solutions to the global warming problem, alternative and renewable energy
  • human enhancement through genetic manipulation, and by way of merging with technology (i.e., cyborgs)

If you find these topics interesting, I invite you to follow futur3techblog so that we can discover the future together as it begins to manifest each day before our eyes.


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